About Us

Who We Are

Crop Tech is an agri-tech company established 2019 in the republic of Rwanda with the goal of helping small and medium holder farmers in growing the seasonal sales revenues through the reduction of post-harvest losses, with the strong focus being on corn, beans and soybeans growers thus helping nations to fast achieve sustainable development goals. We have built a community of farmers and we aspire to keep growing the community of farmers to more than 20,000 farmers benefiting from the well established crop tech value chain. We have invested effort in availing farm level agro-processing machines and building medium sized storage systems (Granaries) in different regions of the country to help farmers in maintaining the grain quality free from aflatoxin. core objective being the provision of post-harvest handling solutions to rural farmers and attain international standards thus their access to the high-end market.

We are Passionate

Growing community by inspiring healthy is our commitment with farmers, the abundant living on the field.

Energy to the World

Enabling Ecosystem for Food and Agriculture.

Our Values

Continuously provide post harvest crop handling solutions to farmers and help the attain world level standards.


What Croptech Offer

We have a wide variety of services so that our clients have good options.


For farmers and cooperatives located in remote areas we help and provide grain threshing and grain drying service at the farm level cutting the drying time from weeks to 3 hours.



Crop Tech Granary built in the Eastern province of Rwanda enables small and medium holder farmers access Premium grain storage services under required conditions. To prevent the development of aflatoxin in grains. Key benefits being: Improved grain quality, Convincing selling price and Access to high end market



Our Partners